About the Author

Micki Street lives in Lilongwe, Malawi with her husband, her German Shepherd and two crazy cats. Her three daughters fled the nest years ago, all married and delivered her four amazing grandsons, now aged between 6 and 21 years. After her career in tourism, Micki briefly transferred her creativity to chilli farming in Mozambique. Not a ‘hot’ person, her friends surprisingly submitted as guinea pigs for her chilli concoctions – none, thankfully, resorted to the ER. A couple of years on, Micki began a novel evoking her travel experiences: her publication debut, Before the Daisies Grow, follows the capers of three vigorous English grandmothers who travel into the unknown. The sequel, which will be available toward the end of 2012, continues with the Grannies’ holiday farce. Micki has also written Seduced by Deceit, currently in the editing process. Yet the bulk of her writing to date is humorous: Grace My Maid, a jestful work in progress that portrays a segment of suburban Johannesburg; Marmaduke the Jewel Thief; and The Travel Writer Conman.


2 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Absolutely loved your book. The three owls had me giggling and laughing out loud! So looking forward to the sequel! I noticed mention of other books, Grace my maid etc …. Where can I find them ?

    • Laura thanks so much for your comment. The sequel Sixty in the Shade will be out around October. I will definitely let you know. This one is even more hilarious.


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